About Us

McGee Ranch is located deep in the corner of SW North Dakota.  Our ranch has been in the family for 3 generations and we strive to keep the tradition going. 

In the late 80’s my husband bought into a relatively new breed for our area, Red Angus.  He knew that the Red Angus breed would take off with its quite disposition, calving ease and structural soundness.  Since then the Red Angus industry has grown by leaps and bounds along with our Red Angus program.  Meryl and his brother Doug have been working together to produce a power packed Red Angus herd.

With the addition of more livestock to the ranch, we decided a little extra help with the cattle and sheep would be handy.  So we began looking for a hired hand.  We decide on a standard Australian Shepherd which has become my husband’s right hand on the ranch. Our family has fallen in love with the Australian Shepherd breed.  Their loving disposition, work ethic and loyalty fit in perfect with our ranch and personal lives.  So, I decided I needed a smaller dog that could help me on the ranch but be my daughter’s best friend.  That is when we purchased our first Miniature Australian Shepherd.

Through all of this rodeo has remained strong in our lives.   At an early age my husband began riding sheep and steers which started his love for bull riding. During the teen years he competed in High School Rodeo and the Amateur circuits.   From there the PRCA ranks for 10 years.  After retiring from riding bulls he started to miss the rodeo life.  So, this has begun our career in raising bucking bulls.  Even though we have just started this adventure our bucking bulls are proving to live up to the cowboy standards.

Please look thru our site and feel free to contact us with any questions.   We would love to hear from you.